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Oliver’s Barbican Flat, UK

2017 was a great year for the come back of bold & beautiful colors and 2018 is proving to take things just that little bit further. There are three trends to keep an eye out for this year. The experts at luxury paint manufacturer Mylands know a thing or too about show-stopping colour schemes and have tipped these three colour trends to set the tone for 2018.

Primary & Secondary Colours

Yes, that’s right, the return of the primary & secondary bright, bold and strong colours are making a come back. Channeling the vibe of the 70’s, this trend is set to bring a pop of colour back to any homes interior. Don’t be afraid to inject vibrant tones into the home this year to bring out your playful side. One manufacturer who is taking heavy influence from the retro era has to be, with beautifully designed pieces for any room in the home. Mylands has stated “Canary yellow, lime green, citrus orange, peacock blue and fuscia pink: colour is vivid and unashamed!” so take a leap of faith and make your home a lively, exciting place to be.

Tin House, UK, by Henning Stummel


Back to Black

Deep, Dark tones were heavily showcased by the end of 2017 and this year this trend is set to continue. Honing a sense of rich indulgence, these deep dark hues are set to bring the gentlemen’s lounge essence to any home. The most exciting colour that would have been a no in the past is black. Don’t shy away from utilising this rich tone. Although dark, this colour should be embraced to emphasise the surrounding furnishings. Pair Black with metallic brass, copper & gold or deep lush green pants and rich wood species to bring a dramatic intensity like no other. Black is the perfect canvas to really show off your indulgent side.


Diff Studio


Subtle Pastels

Again we saw this trend developing last year, pastel colours really bring a soft, relaxing vibe to any space, and whilst introducing a pop of colour it is subtle and forgiving. The pastel hues hold a nostalgic feel and as stated by Mylands “although soft in colour, they are strong in tone, creating a pretty look which can be restful or revitilising” so don’t be hesitant to bring some softer colours into the home such as light & soft greys, lilacs, pale blues and elderberry tones, these will really bring a cosy, warm feel to your home.

The Lovely Drawer

Paul Raeside for Homes & Gardens