Infinite Bespoke Interiors - Kitchen Storage

For every kitchen we design, we don’t just consider the working triangle, we think about the practicality of the space. A kitchen should offer up everything you need with ease, and at Infinite we look in depth at each space and how we can ergonomically improve it, in order to make it the best use of space for each and every client.

As clients use their kitchens differently, the idea of bespoke design is simple, we make that space fit to your everyday lifestyle. We believe that the most practical kitchen design is separated into 5 zones: consumables, non-consumables, cleaning, preparation and cooking and for each of these zones there are clever kitchen storage solutions available on the market that will make your kitchen effortlessly practical.

Zone 1 – Consumables

We favour larder units to maximise the storage of perishable food items, they come in a variety of different formats and our favourites are listed below:

The Larder pull out – this has been around for many years but they are forever evolving, increasing capacity, weight and ease of motion. We would suggest this type of larder be confined to a smaller width, a 300 or 400mm width, as when they get larger it can sometimes become more of an obstruction than a solution.


The Tandem Larder – a reworked version of the pull out but modified to allow a practical solution for larger larders. This larder opens as a normal functioning door, but has shelves attached to the back of the door and a back section which protrudes forward when you open the door bringing all the contents at the back to the front, making everything in the cabinet accessible.


The Space Tower – One of Blum’s newest additions and in our eye the most efficient use of space. It prides itself on the idea of flexible access. Comprised up of a selection of stacked drawers this means it can be utilised from all angles and heights and the whole system doesn’t open at once, so you can choose a designated drawer to open, making it a much more productive use of space. The Space Tower is flexible in height, width and depth and can also be adjusted to your individual storage needs.


Butlers Pantry – By far the most beautiful yet costly storage solution has to be the Butler’s Pantry, an artisan’s heaven, hand crafted down to every last inch. They make everything easily accessible and are usually configured to create hidden breakfast preparation areas. They can be purely a larder for dry storage or as previously mentioned can be adapted to create a hidden workspace. Breakfast cupboards have proven popular last year taking styling and design back to a traditional sense. They generally utilise a worktop and have electric points meaning you can hide those bulky appliances such as toasters, away in the cupboard leaving the work surface clean and clutter free. As these units are hand crafted from solid oak or sometimes solid walnut, the possibilities of these units are endless and most definitely worth thinking about.

Zone 2 Non-consumables
Pan drawers are suitable for crockery, pots & pans.

Zone 3 Cleaning
Sink storage and pull outs making all cleaning apparatus accessible and subsequently can be hidden away.
Hidden Pull out bins leaving the floor space untouched.

Zone 4 Preparation
Chopping boards, Butchers blocks etc. All these can be planned into the kitchen in subtle ways, giving them their own dedicated spaces. Multiple chopping boards are advised for the preparation of different produce and to avoid cross contamination.

Zone 5 Cooking
Pan drawers

1) One of our favourite pieces and an absolute must for all kitchen designs is a set of, if not multiple pan drawers. The way you implement these drawers into the kitchen has somewhat been overlooked in the past, drawers are the future and have been proven to make access much more suitable to that of a standard cupboard.

Magnetic dividers can be implemented within the drawer box itself to create different compartments for each individual item, these can then be mixed up and changed, if and when you require. Manufacturer Blum has devised some great products in the Ambia-Line range which work within their Legrabox drawers. We then have Orga-Line that is compatible with the Tandembox.

Crockery Lifters, these create ease of motion when lifting out heavy plates from the drawers. These again designed by Blum and are called Blum Plate Holder, making heavy lifting much more ergonomic

Another aspect within pan drawers to explore is the versatility and sheer beauty of the Solid Oak dovetail drawer boxes. These are handcrafted to any size, shape or form and the possibilities of inserts are endless. If you can dream it, we can make it.

So what are you waiting for give your kitchen the lift it needs to make it a more practical space for not just yourself but for the entire family.