At Infinite we pride ourselves on creating Bespoke, one of a kind kitchens. You can be assured that a bespoke kitchen designed and created by us will be unique and maintain its own identity for years to come.


Each and every bespoke kitchen we design and manufacture is handmade by expert cabinet makers and installed by artisan joiners who have a passion for their craft, providing quality and excellence. Although a small team, we are driven and determined with combined experience of over 20 years within the Kitchen Industry.We provide original yet inventive designs along with diligent craftsmanship tailored to suit your individual aspirations


Designing in collaboration

Here at Infinite we adopt a real hands on approach creating a great rapport between you and our designer throughout the entire process. We like to refer to the Process as a ‘Journey’ as we believe that working together, we can make your dream kitchen a reality through great communication and exploring innovative ideas.


Always in the loop

We do our upmost to provide an exceptional service throughout the entire journey, from design right through to installation. We keep you informed and up to date, especially during the manufacturing process as this is the time between the design and the installation where the trail could go quiet. However, here at Infinite we ensure that will never happen, we are always there to cater to your every need. We know that everyday life can be hectic and we take this into account.

Making it easy

We don’t have a showroom, we bring everything to you, it couldn’t be easier. Presentations can be done in your home at a time most suitable for you so no need to take time off work, we will plan everything to suit your availability.


Everything outside the box

At Infinite we try to do things a little different, stepping away from the standard kitchen showrooms we want to create a journey for the client leading them step by step through the entire process. We use the best technological enhancements in order to showcase your dream kitchen. We pride ourselves on having exceptional 3-dimensional imagery and even encourage you to compare the computer generated image with the end product. Our 3-dimensional renders allow you to see your dream come to life, creating an expectationfor the exciting transformation process

Talk to us today to arrange you complimentary design consultation. Your dream kitchen could be just a click away.



Sutton Coldfield Bespoke Kitchen




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